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I am a postdoctoral fellow in Adam Siepel's computational genomics lab in Cornell University. I received my PhD in Computer Science in 2009 from the CS department at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. My PhD avdisor was Shlomo Moran, with whom I continue to enjoy collaborating. I also have a Masters degree in computer science and bioinformatics from the Weizmann Institute of Science (under supervision of Ehud Shapiro).
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Research Interests
My research is devoted to the study of evolution through analysis of large scale genomic data. Most of my recent and current work focuses on investigating two key aspects of the evolutionary history of populations: past demography and natural selection. Much progress has been made in population genetics in recent years due to the abundance of high throughput sequence data. The main motivating guideline in my research is to realize the full potential of these newly emerging data by developing inference methods that make full use of the rich information they provide. I develop computational methods specifically designed to make use of individual genomes in population genetic analysis, and I use these methods to tackle questions that cannot be resolved using other approaches. A considerable portion of my research is devoted to human evolution, with a broader evolutionary perspective gained by studying other species in collaboration with other evolutionary biologists.     [ read more here ]
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Select Publications
  • Freedman A, Gronau I, Schweizer RM, Han E, Ortega-Del Vecchyo D, Silva P, Galaverni M, Fan Z, Marx P, Lorente-Galdos B, Beale H, Ramirez O, Hormozdiari F, Alkan C, Vila C, Squire K, Geffen E, Kusak J, Boyko AR, Parker H, Lee C, Tadigotla V, Siepel A, Bustamante C, Harkins T, Nelson SF, Ostrander EA, Marques-Bonet T, Wayne RK, Novembre J. Genome Sequencing Highlights the Dynamic Early History of Dogs. PLoS Genetics. in press. Preprint available from ArXiv e-prints: arXiv:1305.7390
  • Arbiza L, Gronau I, Aksoy BA, Hubisz MJ, Gulko B, Keinan A, Siepel A. Genome-wide inference of natural selection on human transcription factor binding sites. Nature Genetics, 45:723-729, 2013
  • Gronau I, Arbiza L, Mohammed J, Siepel A. Inference of Natural Selection from Interspersed Genomic Elements Based on Polymorphism and Divergence. Mol Biol Evol, 30(5):1159–1171, 2013.
  • Gronau I, Moran S, Snir S. Fast and Reliable Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Trees with Indistinguishable Edges. Random Struct Alg 40(3):350-384, 2012
    * Extended Abstract published in SODA, 2008
  • Gronau I, Hubisz MJ, Gulko B, Danko CG, Siepel A. Bayesian inference of ancient human demography from individual genome sequences. Nature Genetics 43:1031-1034, 2011
  • Gronau I, Moran S, Yavneh I. Towards Optimal Distance Functions for Stochastic Substitutions Models. J Theor Biol 260:294-307, 2009
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